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Armor Hand Protective Gloves In The Wild

Our protective gloves are rescuing and saving the lives of animals every day worldwide. Below are rescue case studies from animal caregivers.

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"ArmOR Hand Gloves were instrumental in over 650 wildlife rescues in 2020. These are absolutely the best gloves."

- Ben Nuckolls, California Wildlife Encounters

gcw baby raccoon rescue feature

Baby Raccoon Rescue – Gold Country Wildlife Rescue

September 10, 2021

Need something to smile about? The long weekend is almost here and we’re giving you permission to take little breather and enjoy […]

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armor hand raccoon rescue feaature

Raccoon Rescue – California Wildlife Encounters

July 28, 2021

“A report came in this morning regarding a young raccoon. The raccoon had caught his leg between two fences in Rocklin, California. […]

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ca heat wave rescue feature

California Heat Wave Rescues 2021

June 24, 2021

“Due to the heat wave in California and the extreme temperatures, fledglings (young bird that may not be able to fly just […]

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skunk family rescue feature

Baby Skunk Rescue – California Wildlife Encounters

June 24, 2021

“A report came in that a mother skunk was found deceased near the entrance of her den. The den was hidden inside […]

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raptor rescue feature

Raptor Rescue – California Wildlife Encounters

May 31, 2021

Late May is the is the time of year when raptors are fledging – and sometimes a bit too soon and they […]

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baby groundhog rescue feature

Baby Groundhog – Sanders Wildlife Inc.

May 2, 2021

Brandon with Sanders Wildlife, Inc. rescued this juvenile groundhog. Our volunteer met him in Marietta, Georgia to finish transporting this youngster to […]

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armor hand opposum rescue hbc feature

Opossum HBC Rescue – California Wildlife Encounters

May 2, 2021

“I received a report of an opossum that had been hbc (hit by car). The adult female opossum was also a new […]

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armor hand baby raccoon rescue feature

Baby Raccoon Rescue – California Wildlife Encounters

April 18, 2021

Yesterday we received a report that a contractor was remodeling the subfloor of a bathroom and found 4 baby raccoon pups alone […]

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armor hand osprey rescue feature

Osprey Rescue – California Wildlife Encounters

April 18, 2021

Today we received a report that some local kayakers noticed an injured Osprey in a remote canyon along the South Fork of […]

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armor hand malard ducklings rescue feature

Mallard Ducklings Rescue – Sanders Wildlife Inc.

April 15, 2021

Today’s rescued Involved pulling 10 Mallard ducklings out of a drain pipe in Dunwoody, GA! A huge thank you to the caller […]

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armor hand owl rescue featured

Owl Rescue – California Wildlife Encounters

April 8, 2021

Yesterday evening I received a report that an owl was trapped inside a wall at an airport hanger.The mechanics heard a noise […]

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armor hand bald eagle rescue feature

Bald Eagle Rescue – California Wildlife encounters

April 6, 2021

On Easter Sunday, Tri County Wildlife Care informed us that a Bald Eagle was in desperate need of rescue. The eagle was […]

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