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Medical bills for treating animal bites Average at over $30,000 and insurance Settlements total at over $530 million per year In the U.S.

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Product Full Fingered Armor Hand Glove

Full Fingered Protective Gloves


One pair of protective gloves. Suitable for laboratory workers, groomers, animal caregivers, pet owners, kennel workers, research facilities, zoo and wildlife centers, & anyone who works with or handles animals.

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Product Palpation Armor Hand Glove

Procedure-Palpation Protective Gloves


One pair of protective gloves. Three exposed fingertips for trimming nails, administering injections/vaccines, applying ear medications, palpation, placing basket muzzles, etc. Our Procedure-Palpation glove is suitable for all professional animal handlers, workers and pet owners.

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Our Gloves are Machine Washable!

ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves are machine washable and are able to be wiped down to help decrease zoonotic and infectious disease transmission.

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The ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves® are bite resistant, not bite proof.
They can decrease the severity of injury, if injury occurs.

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