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Hello, my name is

Dr. Laura Catena

I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a Pet Age 2021 Women of Influence Award Recipient, and an Ambassador for Animal Health & Wellness.

I am also the Founder & President of

ArmOR Hand Glove®

Dr. Laura Catena is the Founder and President of The ArmOR Hand Glove®. She graduated from The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine and is a small animal veterinarian. Dr. Catena developed The ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves after a potentially career-ending injury she endured while working emergency medicine. ArmOR Hand is a compassionate glove, designed to allow for proper and safe restraint technique, without the use of force. The glove is used to safely handle animals, reduce injuries to humans, improve animal welfare, and advance the cause of wildlife and pets. ArmOR Hand is a reusable, vegan glove, ensuring a low impact on the environment. The glove decreases infectious disease transmission, supporting the One Health Initiative ( as well as increases pet owner compliance for at-home medical care and recommendations.

Dr. Catena achieved a Fear Free Preferred Product certification for ArmOR Hand. She is a recipient of the Pet Age 2021 Women of Influence Award. This award celebrates individuals who set industry benchmarks for excellence. The award acknowledges high-performance leaders who have made a notable impact on the field while inspiring a new generation of women to make an impact on the pet care community and the pets we serve. This award recognizes the accomplishments and successes of women who have demonstrated exceptional courage, strength and leadership to bring positive changes to the pet care community. Dr. Catena worked with The Paw Project to ban declaw surgery in the City of Pittsburgh. Dr. Catena is a contributing author to an award-winning pet advocacy site with 500M+ views and shares. She is a data-driven animal doctor known for deriving unique insights from complex information. She is a self-motivated leader translating personal experiences into relatable stories and products. Dr. Catena has been featured on veterinary podcasts and has been published in veterinary journals. Dr. Catena's interests include spirituality, self-care, fitness, The Paw Project, and human and pet nutrition.

Dr. Laura's availability:

  • Radio/Podcast Interviews
  • Zoom Q&A or Guest Expert
  • Blog Writer/Contributor
  • Veterinarian Advisor - Topics include self-care, mental/emotional health and well-being, entrepreneurship, small business owner, fitness, & spirituality.

Dr. Laura Catena’s Recommended Reading

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Earned Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from The Ohio State University.

Increased sales in the U.S. and expanded globally solely as the Founder and President of ArmOR Hand.

Awarded Pet Age's Women of Influence Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contributions.

Contributing author to an award-winning pet advocacy site with 500M+ views and shares.

Worked with The Paw Project to successfully pass a ban on declaw surgery in the City of Pittsburgh.

Achieved a fear-free preferred product certification for the ArmOR Hand Glove®.

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The Story of ArmOR Hand

I love being a veterinarian, and I am well-aware of the seriousness of animal-related injuries. While working as an emergency medicine vet, I was bitten by a patient. My joints became infected. I had severe pain, extensive surgery, and months of physical therapy in order to re-gain proper function of my hand.

My Injury Photos - Cat Bite:

Because of my injury, I developed gloves that will help to protect against animal-related injuries. The purpose of The ArmOR Hand Gloves is to allow safe and proper animal restraint technique. Proper technique can be achieved because of the superior flexibility and dexterity of the gloves. The ArmOR Hand Protector Gloves offer protection to the wearer, while facilitating restraint of the animal by allowing sufficient flexibility and dexterity.

There are two styles available. The first style, The Original Animal Handling Glove, offers hand and arm coverage up to the elbow. Reinforced high-injury areas provide additional protection. The use of the gloves provide personal protection of the hand and forearm, decreasing the chance of bites and scratches, and the transmission of zoonotic disease. Vaccine administration is easy and possible wearing this first style, as well as the second.

The second style, the “Procedure-Palpation Glove,” is the exact same glove as The Original Animal Handling Glove. This style has the first 3 fingertips exposed. This allows for palpation, vaccine administration, blood draws, toe nail trims, ear cleanings, medication administration, placement of ET tubes - anything you need to accomplish in practice.

Full-Fingered Glove

Procedure-Palpation Glove

Our Gloves are Machine Washable!

ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves are machine washable and are able to be wiped down to help decrease zoonotic and infectious disease transmission.


ArmOR Hand is a Fear Free Preferred Product. The gloves are also compatible with low-stress animal handling techniques. Fear Free handling as well as low-stress handling can not be achieved by bulky "welder" gloves, or gloves that do not have superior flexibility and dexterity. This is because we are not able to compassionately or safely restrain without the use of excessive force when using bulky gloves.

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Our gloves offer protection, cost savings, safety, low-stress handling & they are professionally endorsed.


ArmOR Hand gloves are made of ALL synthetic materials. Stretch Cordura – one of the materials of the gloves is the STRONGEST of the stretch materials – it is used in the lining of tires. Neoprene over the knuckle – another material allows for increased hand articulation. Double Knit Kevlar – Kevlar is another VERY strong material used in the gloves. Inside of the cuff – Non-Slip material added for increased protection.


Professional animal caregivers, pet owners, wildlife rehabbers, and others absolutely love ArmOR Hand Gloves. See their reviews here!

Ben Nuckolls

Wildlife Rehabilitator

"I use ArmOR Hand in over 600 wildlife rescues every year. I use these gloves all of the time. They are fantastic."

Ellen Re

Vet Candy

"Dr. Laura Catena is a true embodiment of veterinarians who make the profession better. Her innovation will go a long way in supporting The One Health Mission worldwide."

Denise Upton

Animal Care Director of Lake Tahoe Wildlife Center

"I won't use any other glove other than ArmOR Hand. I work with every animal from squirrels to bears and everything in between. ArmOR Hand is a game-changer."

Liz Crandall

Wildlife Resources and Education Network

"ArmOR Hand Gloves are ideal for capturing injured wildlife. These are sleek and provide a custom fit, allowing you to restrain properly. I LOVE that they are non-leather!  What about customer service? Top notch! Personal, always available, and super helpful! We love The ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves."

John Junior

Pet Owner

"Make sure you look into these gloves! So great for protection and movement AND they are 100% man-made material which is a huge plus for many! "

Dr. Cynthia Fichtner


"I use ArmOR Hand Gloves at vaccine clinics and I also do TNRs. They’re great! Even the most feral cat teeth and nails will not get through these."

Brandon Sanders

Owner of Sanders Wildlife Control

"I work with a wide variety of wildlife on a daily basis. We perform wildlife exclusions, as well as, rescue services for Georgia Wildlife. Armor Hand Gloves are durable, easy to wash, and a wonderful tool to have in the field. I use them for birds of prey, feral cats, squirrels, rats, foxes, snakes, and raccoons. I recommend these gloves to anyone."

Debbie Gass

LVT & Animal Trainer

"These are awesome! Nothing like the leather gauntlets that you could not tell what body part you are feeling. These gloves give you so much more control, increasing safety for your patient and you. They can be used with low-stress handling as well. "

Dr. Cindy Johnson


"My staff love the gloves and how flexible and protective they are. We have handled some hard to handle cats, which would have easily bitten through the bulky welder gloves. But have not gotten hurt once wearing ArmOR Hand."


General Curator, Brandywine Zoo

“We ordered some of your excellent animal handling gloves a while ago and we would like to order more. We have used the gloves with a variety of species in different situations and we are very pleased with the product.” 

Dr. Melanie Goble

Veterinarian, Renewed Strength Veterinary Services

"This past week, an assistant and I were working with a very fractious cat. I gave a set of gloves to my assistant so she could restrain the cat safely. The cat grabbed her hand and thrashed around (while still holding on to her hand with its mouth). There are perfect teeth marks all over the glove, but not a scratch on her. This is the type of bite that would have resulted in a prolonged recovery time. Crisis averted! Thank you!"

Dr. Sally Foote, DVM, CFBC-IAABC

Veterinarian & Dog and Cat Behaviorist

"I used the gloves for a typically difficult cat for a mouth exam alone - he was SO MUCH MORE CALM! I think part of it was that he only had me handling him. His owner was also much more relaxed seeing I had the gloves on. She wants a pair!"

Dr. Orla Molloy


"The flexibility of the gloves is incredible. The gloves allow for superior control of the animal."

Melinda Sanders

Wildlife Rehabilitator

"ArmOR Hand has protected me from wildlife injury, including skunk and squirrel bites. Love that these gloves are machine washable to decrease disease transmission."

Dr. Amanda Travis


"The ArmOR Hand Glove is comfortable, form-fitting, and durable. It allows animal professionals the mobility and confidence needed to handle animals with proper restraint technique."

Maggi Berry

Wildlife Rehabilitator

"I used my ArmOR Hand Gloves to handle an injured adult raccoon. They are fantastic! Anyone handling wildlife should certainly have at least one pair! It's the best purchase I have made! The fit, the dexterity, it 's like none other. Thank You ArmOR Hand." 

Moira Fitzgerald

RVT of 30+years experience as well as moderator of Facebook's "Vet Tech Life"

"As a veterinary technician of 40 years, the only gloves I recommend are the ArmOR Hand Gloves! They are machine washable which is critical for infectious disease control and prevention of contamination between patients. They are the most flexible glove I've ever used. They even resist the talons of birds of prey! Used them with cats, dogs, hawks, eagles, raccoons, hedgehogs, rabbits, iguanas, tarantulas, large and small psittacine birds. These gloves are well worth the investment. Get more than 1 pair so you can wash them in between patients."

Sherri McNary

Wildlife Rehabber

"I work with raptors, foxes, and raccoons. I feel the pressure of a talon or bite, but have yet to receive a single wound. I love my gloves. I love that they protect up to my elbow and they are so comfortable to wear. I can even grip a syringe while wearing them. BEST investment I ever made."

Roo's Corner

Lavaca, Arkansas

"Wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians and staff, and any other animal professional, this info is for you! ArmOR Hand Gloves are strong enough to completely deter most bites - and at the minimum, greatly reduce damages that would be seen while handling completely bare-handed. In addition to high bite resistance, they are extremely dexterous and machine washable! I have been able to easily restrain animals (scruffing and vein holding is possible), perform thorough exams (on a snake that DID bite), and even give injections while wearing them! Thanks, ArmOR Hand for making a product we all have needed."

Denise Upton

Wildlife Rehabilitator

"I had a WILD Red Tail Hawk grad by ArmOR Hand Gloves - felt pressure but NO talons!"

Melanie Adkins

Veterinary Technician

"These gloves are fantastic! We are all much happier and confident with our fearful cat handling. We use Feliway on a clean pair of gloves and it helps to decrease stress for our feline patients."

Kerra Gray

Veterinary Technician

"LOVE these gloves! We have a couple cats that we would not be able to handle without these gloves. With these gloves, cats do not have to undergo anesthesia for routine visits."

Dr. Amy Pugh


"Love The ArmOR Hand Gloves. My clinic has 2 pairs. I love the fit so I am able to better manage patients. I also love the Palpation-Procedure style with the fingertips exposed so that I can palpate fearful cats. I also love they are machine washable!"


President of SOAR Wildlife

"WE LOVE YOUR GLOVES! These gloves are amazing. They are comfortable and have protected us against the most serious bites from all types of animals. I can not say enough about these gloves and how they have changed the way we can assist and care for wildlife. Thank you so much for developing these amazing gloves."

David Furedy

Wildlife Rehabilitator

"I have used these gloves with hawks, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, porcupines, foxes and many more animals. I know that I will be protected and also have the mobility necessary to make any quick adjustments. I use the gloves for both wildlife capture and rehab."

Ah Glove Focus

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The ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves® are bite resistant, not bite proof.
They can decrease the severity of injury, if injury occurs.