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Great Horned Owl Rescue – California Wildlife Encounters

“I received a report this morning that a fledgling Great Horned Owl had fallen out of its nest at Liberty Ranch High School in Galt, California. The nest was perched high in the football stadium lights that were over a 100 feet tall. The fledgling owl had been seen by students 2 days earlier wandering the football field and bleachers. School staff was finally made aware of the situation and called me. The owlet somehow survived the long fall to the ground below and didn’t have any obvious injuries. Michele Dodge and myself then searched the football stadium for any other possible siblings that may have fallen also. This is the time of year that fledglings will often fall from their nest because there’s simply not enough room in the nest they share or they will get pushed out on purpose by their rival twin. Luckily, I think this fledgling owl has a good chance for survival. Greg Grimm was kind enough to provide transportation to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center. I will keep track of the status of the nest site to ensure the overall health of the Great Horned Owls.”

-Ben Nuckolls, California Wildlife Encounters

Ben Nuckolls, California Wildlife Encounters