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National Media Reviews of ArmOR Hand Glove®

Pets Weekly Reviews ArmOR Hand Glove

"Stacy Mantle from Pets Weekly Reviewed ArmOR Hand Gloves. Here is her review of the gloves and how they will benefit you. Please note: All reviews are solely the opinions of the contributing writers. ArmOR Hand does not pay for any reviews."

Ben Nuckolls Names ArmOR Hand Gloves Official Working Glove For Staff Wildlife Handlers

"ArmOR Hand Gloves, a leading manufacturer of protective gloves for wild animal handlers and veterinary caregivers, announces that it has been named the “Official Glove” for all staff working with well-known author, lecturer and wildlife rescuer Ben Nuckolls. Based in Sacramento, CA..."

Dog Tipper Reviews ArmOR Hand Glove

"Handling frightened–or injured–animals puts concerned pet lovers at risk of dangerous bites and scratches. Whether you are helping a lost dog–or clipping your own dog’s nails, aiding feral cats or rescuing wildlife, hands and arms are always at risk of injury."

Wild Informer Reviews ArmOR Hand Gloves

Wild animals are just that, wild. They do not want to be held and they rarely know if we are trying to help them or hurt them so they do what comes natural, defend themselves. Nature equipped many of them with sharp teeth, sharp claws, powerful jaws, and strong legs. Because of this, getting the best gloves for handling wild animals is crucial.

ArmOR Hand Received the Best Parrot Gloves Recommendation from The Pet Supply Guy

If you’re in a rush and you just want to know our top pick we recommend the ArmOR Hand Gloves since they are excellent bird handling gloves that provide protection against a parrot’s talons.

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The ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves® are bite resistant, not bite proof.
They can decrease the severity of injury, if injury occurs.