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ArmOR Hand is the only animal handling glove designed and developed by a veterinarian.

The average outpatient ER visit cost is between $1200 - $1300. Bites and scratches are painful and expensive. You need to protect yourself today. The average cost of an inpatient hospital stay due to animal injury can easily exceed $20,000.

Veterinary professionals have had career-ending and life-ending injuries due to injury from animals. Be proactive with your safety.

ArmOR Hand Gloves offer superior dexterity and flexibility, allowing proper and safe animal restraint. They are made from the strongest of the stretch materials, including a double layer of knit DuPont® Kevlar.

All animal caregivers and animal handlers will benefit from ArmOR Hand.

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“There’s a lot of times when you need to have this. We all know injuries can be career-ending for veterinarians or technicians. And that’s also one of the reasons that people get burned out, they either get injured or fear getting injured."

- Dr. Marty Becker "America's Vet"

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"Safety must be the priority. The ArmOR Hand brand is a small business that is making a big impact to improve the safety standard for animal caregivers everywhere."
- Dr. Natalie Marks,  DVM, CVJ, CCFP, FFCP-Elite

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More Feels. Less Force.®

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Early in my veterinary career, I suffered an injury that was potentially life-ending. Because of my injury, I designed and developed The ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves to protect other animal caregivers from the trauma, pain and expense that I endured. Read my injury story.

Dr. Laura Catena's Injury Photos - Medical Expenses Exceeded $20,000.


  • Constructed with a double layer of knit DuPont Kevlar®
  • Reinforced in the high-risk bite areas to offer maximum protection
  • Each pair is hand crafted with high-quality materials not typically found in other gloves


  • All gloves offer superior flexibility and dexterity and allow for low-stress handling
  • A second style has the first three fingers exposed for fine motor control
  • Stretch materials conform to the hand to ensure a proper fit

Machine Washable

  • Toss the gloves in the gentle cycle and hang them up to dry
  • Decrease the risk of infectious disease transmission
  • Increases safety for the animal caregiver, the patient, the pet owner, and the staff


ArmOR Hand®: A Necessary Investment for Veterinary Professionals

The veterinary community deeply cares about our patients, our clients and each other. Our work is meaningful and challenging. We must make all aspects of our health and well-being the priority and invest in protection.

In practice, injury occurs daily.

  • We may be scratched up our forearm as we trim nails on an excited young Labrador puppy.
  • Or, we may be performing a physical exam on a patient that isn’t showing signs of pain and our patient may be uncomfortable and react.
  • Our anxiety has a direct and profound effect on the anxiety of our patients.
  • When we are protected, our anxiety decreases; the comfort of our patient increases.
  • Mayo Clinic states that 1/3 of all cat bite injuries require a course of IV antibiotics for 7 to 10 days.

Pet parents express concern for how their pet may react at the vet. Pet owners value seeing The ArmOR Hand Protector Gloves used on their pets. PDF’s educating clients about ArmOR Hand can be found here. ArmOR Hand is made specifically for animal care and comfort. Clients also appreciate seeing the staff protected. On particularly fearful or fractious cats, I am able to use the “less is more” approach while being protected.

The ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves are a Fear Free Certified Product and can be used in conjunction with low-stress handling. The gloves are a necessary tool in our tool box, and are an essential investment. These veterinary gloves not only increase practice safety, but increase efficiency as well.

The ArmOR Hand Gloves support the One Health Initiative by decreasing infectious disease transmission. One of the many unique benefits of ArmOR Hand is the gloves are non leather and are machine washable. It is vital to use a glove that is machine washable and wipeable between patients. The ArmOR Hand vegan animal handling gloves accomplishes this goal.

Two styles of ArmOR Hand Gloves are available. The full finger coverage as well as the first 3 fingertips exposed glove. The variety of sizes ensures a proper fit and function of the glove. Glove sizing chart.

By using The ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves, you are not only improving patient care, but also prioritizing your own health and self-care, one pair at a time.

With Gratitude,
Dr. Laura Catena

Be Safe. Glove Up.
More Feels. Less Force.®

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Superior Flexibility & Dexterity

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REFERENCES: * World Health Organization
† Source: Dr. Dwight Bowman, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Midwest Veterinary Conference 2017.

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Dr. Laura Catena

Dr. Laura Catena is the Founder and President of The ArmOR Hand Glove®. Dr. Catena developed The ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves after a potentially career-ending injury she endured while working emergency medicine. 

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Don’t Forego Clinic Safety.

Use ArmOR Hand to decrease injury, the transmission of infectious disease, and patient anxiety.

The ArmOR Hand Gloves are made of ALL synthetic materials including Stretch Cordura (strongest stretch material), Neoprene over knuckles increases flexibility, Double layer DuPont™ knit Kevlar® lines the entire hand.

The gloves are NOT bulky: you can feel the pressure you are applying to restrain, you can achieve proper restraint (decreasing chance of being injured), stress is decreased for pet owner, pet, and staff - animals won't slip through your hands.

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Be safe. Glove up.|More Feels. Less Force.®

The ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves® are bite resistant, not bite proof.
They can decrease the severity of injury, if injury occurs.