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The ORIGINAL ArmOR Hand brand.

 Non-leather. 100%DuPont Kevlar®. Superior materials & hand-sewn construction. 




Our gloves offer protection, cost savings, safety, low-stress handling & they are professionally endorsed.

Low-Stress Handling

The superior flexibility and dexterity that our gloves offer, provide the animal handler the sensitivity necessary to help their animal remain calm and under control.


Decrease the chances for infection, liability, lost time due to injuries, and healthcare costs.


Increase safety & efficiency while showing each owner that you care for their pets by protecting them and keep them safe too.

Cost Savings

Using The ArmOR Hand Protective Glove™ will help reduce extra medial expenses and liability caused by bites or scratches.

Owner Loyalty

By using ArmOR Hand Gloves on their pet, you will increase workplace safety & efficiency, and decrease liability. Using ArmOR Hand Gloves on pets show owners that You Care about their pet!

Dr. Laura Catena

Veterinarian, ArmOR Hand Protective Glove Inventor

I love being a veterinarian, and am well-aware of the seriousness of animal-related injuries. When I was bitten by a patient, my joints became infected. I had severe pain, extensive surgery, and months of physical therapy in order to regain proper function of my hand. Because of my injury, I developed The ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves. These gloves help to protect against animal-related injuries, by allowing safe and proper animal handling. The gloves provide personal protection of the hand and forearm, decreasing the chance of bites and scratches, as well as the transmission of disease, through safe restraint techniques.

My Bite Pictures



ArmOR Hand gloves are made of ALL synthetic materials. Stretch Cordura – one of the materials of the gloves is the STRONGEST of the stretch materials – it is used in the lining of tires. Neoprene over the knuckle – another material allows for increased hand articulation. Double Knit Kevlar – Kevlar is another VERY strong material used in the gloves. Inside of the cuff – Non-Slip material added for increased protection.



General Curator, Brandywine Zoo

“We ordered some of your excellent animal handling gloves a while ago and we would like to order more. We have used the gloves with a variety of species in different situations and we are very pleased with the product.” 

Dr. Melanie Goble

Veterinarian, Renewed Strength Veterinary Services

"This past week, an assistant and I were working with a very fractious cat. I gave a set of gloves to my assistant so she could restrain the cat safely. The cat grabbed her hand and thrashed around (while still holding on to her hand with its mouth). There are perfect teeth marks all over the glove, but not a scratch on her. This is the type of bite that would have resulted in a prolonged recovery time. Crisis averted! Thank you!"

Dr. Sally Foote, DVM, CFBC-IAABC

Veterinarian & Dog and Cat Behaviorist

"I used the gloves for a typically difficult cat for a mouth exam alone - he was SO MUCH MORE CALM! I think part of it was that he only had me handling him. His owner was also much more relaxed seeing I had the gloves on. She wants a pair!"

Dr. Orla Molloy


"The flexibility of the gloves is incredible. The gloves allow for superior control of the animal."

Melinda Sanders

Wildlife Rehabilitator

"I love these gloves! They are amazing! They saved me from a skunk bite."

Dr. Amanda Travis


"The ArmOR Hand Glove is comfortable, form-fitting, and durable. It allows animal professionals the mobility and confidence needed to handle animals with proper restraint technique."

Maggi B.

Wildlife Rehabilitator

"I used my ArmOR Hand Gloves to handle an injured adult raccoon. They are fantastic! Anyone handling wildlife should certainly have at least one pair! It's the best purchase I have made! The fit, the dexterity, it 's like none other. Thank You ArmOR Hand." 

Moira Fitzgerald

RVT of 30+years experience as well as moderator of Facebook's "Vet Tech Life"

"Fabulous product!  A must have in every veterinary practice, animal shelter and wildlife rescue facility!" 

Kimberly B.

Wildlife Rehabilitator

"Best gloves EVER!"

Jennifer N.

Vet Technician 

"These gloves are my favorite. Dexterity is superb!"

Stephanie R.

Vet Nurse

"We use them ALL the time. They work great!"

Sherri McNary

Wildlife Rehabber

"I work with raptors, foxes, and raccoons. I feel the pressure of a talon or bite, but have yet to receive a single wound. I love my gloves. I love that they protect up to my elbow and they are so comfortable to wear. I can even grip a syringe while wearing them. BEST investment I ever made."

Roo's Corner

Lavaca, Arkansas

"Wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians and staff, and any other animal professional, this info is for you! ArmOR Hand Gloves are strong enough to completely deter most bites - and at the minimum, greatly reduce damages that would be seen while handling completely bare-handed. In addition to high bite resistance, they are extremely dexterous and machine washable! I have been able to easily restrain animals (scruffing and vein holding is possible), perform thorough exams (on a snake that DID bite), and even give injections while wearing them! Thanks, ArmOR Hand for making a product we all have needed."

Proper Use & Fitting

In the following video, Dr. Laura Catena, the inventor of ArmOR Hand Glove demonstrates the...

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