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How Pet Owners Can Avoid Injury

Published Apr 17, 2021  |  Author: Dr. Laura Catena  |  Topic(s):

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As a pet owner, caring for our pets is a top priority. We can depend on our veterinarian and other animal caregivers to keep our pets’ nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and fur groomed. Sometimes, we want to perform these tasks at home.

Often as pet owners first try grooming, they’re fearful and cautious as they try not to hurt their pet in the process. But accidents can happen and even the most gentle of animals can act out of fear if they feel unsafe, threatened, or stressed.

A bite or scratch from a pet is often just a minor inconvenience, but for some these can be particularly dangerous. Owners who are immunocompromised are especially vulnerable as these injuries could be lethal. Cleaning ears, giving medication, and trimming nails are some of the tasks pet owners might find themselves doing to care for their pets from home, and the need for safety is as important as for professional animal handlers.

A pair of protective gloves are often bulky, inflexible, and don’t allow for a good feel for how much pressure we are applying or for proper tool handling. Many pet owners often turn to welding gloves which either lack the protection required to deflect a sharp tooth or claw or lack the flexibility required to offer the dexterity needed to perform treatments in smaller areas, like ear cleaning or nail trimming.

The ArmOR Hand® Protective Gloves was designed not only to protect its users, but to give them peace of mind. Within the veterinary practice we’ve found that a fearful care provider causes the patient to become more fearful of the treatment. In these scenarios, animals can act out of fear, causing stress to both patients and providers. Our gloves come in a variety of sizes and styles to ensure the perfect fit.

The two styles of gloves, the original full-finger coverage style, and the Procedure-Palpitation Glove ensure that whatever tasks need to be done can be accomplished without compromising safety. With the exposure of the thumb, index, and middle fingertips, the Procedure-Palpitation Glove allows pet owners to be able to better grip their pet’s paws for nail trimming or grip their pet’s head or ears for ear cleanings while minimally exposing the fingertips.

Made from all synthetic materials without animal products, our gloves are machine washable and easy to disinfect. Because the gloves are machine washable, you can use treats like peanut butter or baby food on the fingertips and allow the pets to make a positive association with the gloves.

Have greater confidence to provide at-home care for more of your pet’s needs from the comfort of home by trying out ArmOR Hand® Protective Gloves. Please follow us on Facebook page.


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She graduated from The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine and is a small animal veterinarian. Dr. Catena developed The ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves after a life-threatening injury she endured while working emergency medicine. She is a member of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council and an animal welfare advocate.

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