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ArmOR Hand Glove Benefits for Pet Parents

Published Apr 3, 2021  |  Author: Dr. Laura Catena  |  Topic(s): ,

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There are many benefits for pet parents to use ArmOR Hand Gloves. More often than not, when after examining a patient in the veterinary clinic, I have to recommend some type of at-home care. For example, dental disease is extremely common and by the age of 3 years old, most of my patients have some level of disease. If the dental disease is not too advanced, I recommend to my clients that they start to brush their pets’ teeth. Ideally, tooth brushing at home should start when the pet is young. With the Procedure-Palpation style of ArmOR Hand Gloves, pet owners who may be a little bit anxious initially to start home dental care, can wear the gloves and start the medical care at home.

Ear infections are another common issue and when a pet is diagnosed with an ear infection in the clinic, an ear cleaning solution and ear medications are dispensed. Again, using the Procedure-Palpation style of ArmOR Hand Glove, pet owners can apply the medications while wearing the gloves. This definitely helps to decrease the anxiety of pet owners, and in turn, will decrease anxiety of the patient. As pets are very tuned in to our emotional states.

Additionally, feline pet parents can also use the same style of ArmOR Hand Glove to trim their cat’s nails at home. I strongly advise against declaw surgery. I will not perform it, and I am very vocal about why this surgery is inhumane and completely unnecessary. However, I do understand that pet owners may be anxious about trimming nails at home and the ArmOR Hand Gloves are a safety tool that can help alleviate this anxiety.

Pet parents can wear the gloves to administer insulin injections for their diabetic pets, administer oral medications and apply topicals. They can also wear the gloves to give medicated baths, to trim and groom their pets. Any procedure you need to do, you can do by wearing The ArmOR Hand Gloves because of their superior flexibility and dexterity. In addition, some pet parents will use pheromone products directly on the gloves in order to provide extra calming reassurance for their pet.

And, lastly, but a very important point. Some pet owners are immunocompromised. This may be due to age, immunosuppression (due to chemotherapy, for example), or any other reason. Bites and scratches to these individuals can be lethal. It is very important when providing care to pets to always use caution, but I do recommend that if an individual is immunocompromised, that they will use a protective glove. It’s important to decrease as many risks as you can, especially when the immune system is diminished.

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