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Why Correct Sizing is Vital for the Perfect Function of ArmOR Hand Gloves

Published May 2, 2021  |  Author: Dr. Laura Catena  |  Topic(s): , ,

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The Importance of Routinely Screening Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Expected Normal Wear & Tear

The ArmOR Hand size chart is accurate and should be used to determine which size of ArmOR Hand Gloves you need. The Full Finger Coverage is available in sizes small to XXL. The Procedure-Palpation Style is available in sizes small to XL. The reason it is important to use the size chart is because if a hand that is too big for that particular pair of ArmOR Hand Gloves uses the gloves, the materials will stretch and the glove will not function as it should. When the ArmOR Hand materials are stretched by a hand too large fitting in a pair that is too small, the level of protection decreases.

Likewise, in any setting where there are multiple animal caregivers, it is recommended that multiple sizes of ArmOR Hand Gloves are available to accommodate all sizes. It is not recommended that different size hands share the same size of ArmOR Hand Gloves.

Regarding personal protective equipment (ppe) and wear and tear. It is to be expected that with any ppe, normal wear and tear will occur. As with any ppe item, it is recommended to routinely screen for wear and tear. This includes screening ArmOR Hand Gloves for normal wear and tear and determining if it is time to purchase a new pair of ArmOR Hand Gloves.

It is not recommended to use any ppe that has excessive wear and tear, in order to protect the animal caregiver as much as possible.


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