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ArmOR Hand Gloves Help Reduce Patient Stress

Published Jun 13, 2022  |  Author: Dr. Laura Catena  |  Topic(s): ,

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No animal wants to be taken out of their natural habitat or comfort zone, just to be put in the hands of a stranger in a room with unfamiliar smells and sounds. While we may not be able to verbally comfort our patients, there are many ways in which we can minimize their stress. One of the most successful methods of reducing patient stress is by wearing ArmOR Hand Gloves – protective gloves that allow for efficient and effective patient handling, without using excessive or forceful handling.

ArmOR Hand: The Glove Made With Both the Patient and Professional in Mind

Made from flexible, high-quality, hand-sewn synthetic materials and covered with a double-layer of DuPont™ knit Kevlar®, the ArmOR Hand Glove offers one-of-a-kind protection, even scoring a 5 out of 5 on the national ANSI/ISEA puncture test. However, this glove does much more that protect from injury – it minimizes the time and force required to restrain a patient, resulting in reduced patient stress. “Proper technique can be achieved because of the superior flexibility and dexterity of the gloves,” Dr. Catena, the founder of ArmOR Hand, explains. “ArmOR Hand Gloves offer protection to the wearer, while facilitating restraint of the animal by allowing sufficient flexibility and dexterity.” After an exam, the ArmOR Hand Glove can simply be machine washed, removing any lingering smells that may cause the next patient stress. With these unique features – all of which prioritize the mental and physical wellbeing of the patient – it’s no wonder why this glove has joined an exclusive list of Fear Free Preferred Products. “What I like is the fact that you’ve still got the feeling with these gloves,” Dr. Marty Becker, founder of Fear Free, reflects. “That’s something you’re certainly not going to get with welding gloves.” So, why settle for gloves that not only increase patient stress, but professional stress as well? With the ArmOR Hand Glove, you’ll be able to perform exams swiftly and successfully, alleviating patient anxiety. 

The Protective Glove that Simplifies Patient Handling

According to the American Veterinary Medicine Association, humane handling of veterinary patients should involve “the least restraint required to allow the specific procedure(s) without causing the patient any unnecessary stress.” The ArmOR Hand Glove does just that – without compromising  performance or durability. This unique protective glove has helped countless professionals handle animals properly – without implementing excessive restraint techniques that cause stress. For Dr. Salley Foote, the ArmOR Hand Gloves made all the difference when examining the mouth of a difficult feline patient. “He was much more calm because there were less hands on him. I did not have to use a veterinary technician to help restrain.” Just as stress can affect your patient, a calm, efficient environment can, as well. Not only did ArmOR Hand Gloves help Dr. Foote’s patient stay calm, but this sense of calm was also noticeable among her staff.  They were able to function more smoothly. “[Even] the cat’s owner was much more calm and relaxed seeing that I was protected by wearing the gloves,” Dr. Foote adds. Clearly, when you prioritize reducing patient stress, your clients and staff benefit, too!

ArmOR Hand Gloves Help Reduce Patient Stress – No Matter the Situation

The ArmOR Hand Glove isn’t just effective at reducing stress in the clinic. For Ben Nuckolls of California Wildlife Encounters, this glove allows him to pull off tricky rescues – without traumatizing the trapped animals. When he discovered a dove stuck in a chimney, Nuckolls recalls that he spent two hours trying to reach the bird before he ended up “bending a coat hanger and ‘MacGyver[ing]’ a rescue tool to scoop out the dove.” The ArmOR Hand Glove not only provided the dexterity needed to pull off this complicated rescue, but the glove’s superior protection also reduced Nuckolls’ stress, giving him the confidence to take on the rescue. As a result, the dove – which was already in a stressful predicament – was rescued with as little force as possible. 

Get Your Pair of ArmOR Hand Gloves Today!

The choice between protection and dexterity isn’t one that any professional should have to make. Whether you’re working in the clinic or in the field, the ArmOR Hand Glove will ensure not only that you are minimizing the stress of the animals you handle, but the stress of your colleagues and clients as well. Join the journey to reduce patient stress – get your pair today!


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