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Why ArmOR Hand Gloves are the best protective gloves for animal handling

Published Apr 15, 2022  |  Author: Dr. Laura Catena  |  Topic(s): , ,

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What are ArmOR Hand Gloves?

  • ArmOR Hand Gloves are a brand of protective gloves that are designed for animal handlers protection against injuries.
  • The gloves are made with a tough Double layer DuPont™ knit Kevlar® along the entire hand and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • ArmOR Hand Gloves are gloves designed to provide maximum protection for animal handlers.
  • The gloves are made of high quality synthetic leather and allow maximum flexibility of fingers while wearing.
  • The gloves are perfect for zookeepers, veterinarians, animal control personnel, and emergency animal rescue teams.
  • The gloves can be machine washed to help prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases.

What do ArmOR Hand Gloves offer?

Providing an excellent bite-resistant function for your hands and forearm, ArmOR Hand Gloves are very effective protective gloves. They are used by veterinarians, animal handlers, kennel keepers, groomers, breeders, various types of professional animal handlers, and other such professionals who work under emergency conditions.

These gloves are tough

Especially where it matters most.

ArmOR Hand Gloves are designed to protect hands from bites, scratches, punctures and other injuries. ArmOR Hand Gloves have been awarded the highest ANSI/ISEA rating available, “5”. In fact, the force required to puncture through the gloves was higher than the corresponding force to receive a score of 5, which means the gloves are more puncture resistant than the highest score on the scale. Read more about how tough ArmOR Hand Gloves are.

Glove Features:

  • Reinforced fingertip with rubber for improved restraint control
  • Neoprene over knuckle area for increased motility
  • Reinforced fabric in statistically high-risk injury areas

Flexible in all the right places

ArmOR Hand Gloves are NOT bulky, allowing you to feel the amount of pressure you are applying. Easily restrain your patient using proper techniques, all while decreasing stress for the pet owner, patient, and staff. No more animals slipping through your hands. No more fear from cuts, scratches, or bites. Show the world that you care about animals by using protective gloves that allow you to be the best at what you do.

Why ArmOR Hand Gloves?

ArmOR Hand Gloves have a Double layer DuPont™ knit Kevlar® that is designed to protect your hands from cuts, punctures, and scratches. This lightweight and breathable fabric is comfortable to wear and easy to wash. ArmOR Hand Gloves are vegan friendly, made of high quality synthetic leather, providing maximum protection all the way to your elbows.

These animal handling gloves come highly recommended by both vet technicians and wildlife rehabilitators. They allow for maximum flexibility of fingers while wearing and are perfect for zookeepers, veterinarians, animal control officers. The machine washable feature helps prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases as well. They are bite resistant and provide excellent protection against potential injuries to the animal caregiver.

Some of our biggest fans are Animal Planet, SOAR Wildlife, and Vet Tech Life. Quite honestly, we have thousands of happy customers ranging from veterinarians and animal control to wildlife rehabilitators and zoo workers. Dr. Laura’s personal story of her life threatening injury inspired the creation of ArmOR Hand Gloves and is a continued driving force in her life.

What are the benefits of using ArmOR Hand Gloves?

Some benefits of using ArmOR Hand Gloves are obvious: They protect your hands from scratches, bites, cuts, bruises, and other injuries while you’re caring for your patient. They also provide protection for pregnant and immunocompromised animal caregivers so that they may feel more comfortable around more aggressive patients. ArmOR Hand Gloves are also machine washable which helps to decrease infectious zoonotic disease transmission. Our Procedure-Palpation style of ArmOR Hand Gloves allows for increased fine motor control so you and your patient can enjoy better care. Each glove has an easily visible size marker and a loop for easy storage. Every glove is water-resistant.

ArmOR Hand Gloves have become the industry standard protective glove for animal handlers across the globe. Designed by a veterinarian, Dr. Laura Catena, these gloves are a fine example of a tool that will help animal caregivers provide the best care for their patients.

ArmOR Hand Gloves are Fear Free® approved and is a certified woman owned WBENC business.

Where can I find ArmOR Hand Gloves?

ArmOR Hand Gloves are ONLY available through our online store.


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She graduated from The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine and is a small animal veterinarian. Dr. Catena developed The ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves after a life-threatening injury she endured while working emergency medicine. She is a member of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council and an animal welfare advocate.

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