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Top 10 reasons all veterinary technicians should wear protective gloves

Published Mar 15, 2022  |  Author: Dr. Laura Catena  |  Topic(s): ,

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According to the National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health, work-related injuries and sicknesses rank second among animal handlers. They average up to over $8 million in claims for compensation and treatments annually with an average of approximately $2700 in a single claim.

Training programs implementation and provision of proper safety attire to health caregivers in veterinary clinics are credible measures to fortify available amenities. These strategies will see off the huge expenses or budgetary implications allocated to compensations and treatments.

Injuries from animals are not only traumatic and costly but also painful. Animal handling gloves such as ArmOR Hand gloves are practical in offering reinforced bite protection, reducing stress, and providing superior flexibility.

ArmOR Hand protective gloves are handy to enhance the safety of caregivers when handling animals. The gloves have been carefully manufactured to ensure superior dexterity, flexibility, and durability.

The following are some of the notable features of Dr. Laura Catena’s ArmOR Hand gloves;

  • Bite resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • Reusable
  • Safe & Non-slip coverage
  • Double knitted material layer for efficient elbow-length protection

The gloves are ideal for veterinarians, zookeepers, animal caregivers, kennel workers, laboratory workers, groomers, pet owners, and an array of other animal handlers for proper and safe restraint techniques.

Read about Dr. Laura Catena’s life threatening injury that led her to develop and invent the ArmOR Hand glove. Here are some of the reasons you should wear ArmOR Hand protective gloves in your veterinary clinic when handling animals;

1. Full Synthetic Material

Unlike other gloves made from animal products, ArmOR Hand protective gloves are built from full synthetic materials. This feature ensures maximum protection and flexibility to attain adequate restraint capacity. Their suppleness is incredibly good.

2. Maximum Dexterity Guaranteed

The ArmOR Hand protective gloves are built from a double layer of well-knit Kevlar® and stretch Cardura® to provide a high level of restraining capacity and dexterity. This protection runs all the way up to your elbow.

3. Reduced Stress

In 2019, the ArmOR Hand gloves were certified as “Fear Free Preferred Product” due to their capacity and ability to minimize stress for both caregivers and animals.

4. Highly Versatile

The animal handling gloves are commonly viewed as protective wear for bites and scratches from animals only. However, the veterinarian-designed gloves boast other attributes too such as increased motility and mobility.

Their construction features premium knitted material protection to allow animal handlers to independently move all 10 fingers for the utmost litheness and dexterity when ear cleaning, administering vaccines, grooming, and clipping nails.

5. Water Resistant, Easy To Sanitize And Machine Washable

The gloves are water-resistant and machine washable. The fact that they’re machine washable is handy in decreasing the transmission of infectious diseases.

Sanitizing these gloves is very easy to reduce the spread of infectious and zoonotic illnesses.

6. Protective Gloves Prevent Injuries

The chief reason for buying these gloves has to do with their injury prevention prowess. Their superior material, hand-sewn construction, and cuff coverage that goes up to the elbow provide the utmost protection while handling your animal. Rubber fingertips are effective for enhanced restraint control.

7. ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves Are Available In Two Styles

The Original Handling Protective Glove

The original handling protective gloves offer both hand and arm protection up to the elbow. Fortified high-injury sections give additional coverage. Protection of the hand and forearm minimizes the risk of bites and scratches and transmission of zoonotic illnesses.

Procedure-Palpation Protective Glove

The procedure palpation protective glove is similar to the original ArmOR Hand glove. The only distinguishing factor is that with this style, three fingers are exposed. The exposure provides an allowance for vaccine administration, drawing of blood, cleaning of ears, palpation, tube placement, toenail trimmings, and basically any other activity you need to accomplish.

8. Visible Size Marker

Every pair of ArmOR Hand gloves brings with it an effortlessly noticeable size marker at the cuff’s top coupled with a loop for easy storage or hanging. Sizing Chart.

9. Protective Gloves For High Risk Technicians

ArmOR Hand gloves are great for anyone who is immunocompromised, elderly, or pregnant.

10. ArmOR Hand Gloves Can Help Avoid Unwanted Costs

Work-related injuries and sicknesses rank second among animal handlers. The average cost for treatment of animal injuries is approximately $2700 in a single claim. Using of ArmOR Hand gloves can help prevent these additional medial costs as well as the strain and stress of being short staffed.


Wearing ArmOR Hand protective gloves is a simple yet essential practice that is handy at protecting against injuries. Additionally, it can go miles in helping reduce environmental bacteria and some contagious diseases.

Developed by Dr. Laura Catena, the ArmOR Hand gloves are not only bite-resistant but also offer superior grip and dexterity for safe and proper animal restraint. These machine-washable gloves provide superior elbow-length protection.

Get your pair of ArmOR Hand Gloves today!


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