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Injuries from animals are painful, expensive, and traumatic. Uniquely crafted animal gloves that offer superior flexibility, low stress handling, and reinforced bite protection.

ArmOR Hand Gloves are the ONLY veterinarian-designed and developed animal handling glove available.

All animal handlers and caregivers will benefit from the ArmOR Hand Glove. Bites and scratches are painful and expensive. Protect yourself from costly medical bills, pain, and time off of work.

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Developed by Dr. Laura Catena
More Feels. Less Force.®

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ArmOR Hand Gloves are Changing the Way We Provide Care for Animals Worldwide.

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"I will always own a pair of these gloves, simply AMAZING!"
— Travis Brorsen, Animal Planet's Pet Expert & Trainer

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ArmOR Hand Gloves are Trusted by:

The Story of ArmOR Hand

I love being a veterinarian, and I am well-aware of the seriousness of animal-related injuries. While working as an emergency medicine vet, I was bitten by a patient. My joints became infected. I had severe pain, extensive surgery, and months of physical therapy in order to re-gain proper function of my hand.

Dr. Laura Catena's Injury Photos - Medical Expenses Exceeded $20,000.

Because of my injury, I developed gloves that will help to protect against animal-related injuries. The purpose of The ArmOR Hand Gloves is to allow safe and proper animal restraint technique. Proper technique can be achieved because of the superior flexibility and dexterity of the gloves. The ArmOR Hand Protector Gloves offer protection to the wearer, while facilitating restraint of the animal by allowing sufficient flexibility and dexterity.

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Features & Benefits

ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves Protect You and the Animals You Love!

The ArmOR Hand Gloves are made of all synthetic/vegan materials including Stretch Cordura (strongest stretch material), Neoprene over knuckles increases flexibility, Double layer DuPont™ knit Kevlar® lines the entire hand.

The gloves are NOT bulky: you can feel the pressure you are applying to restrain, you can achieve proper restraint (decreasing chance of being injured), stress is decreased for pet owner, pet, and staff - animals won't slip through your hands.

ArmOR Hand Glove Features:

  • Non-leather/Vegan Materials
  • 100% Dupont Kevlar®
  • Superior Materials
  • Hand-Sewn Construction
  • Elastic Wrist for Increased Mobility
  • Cuff Coverage up to Elbow for Forearm Protection
  • Rubber Fingertips for Improved Restraint Control
  • Neoprene Over Knuckle Area for Increased Motility
  • Reinforced Fabric in Statistically High-Risk Injury Areas

Additional Benefits:

  • Pregnant and immunocompromised animal caregivers may feel more comfortable wearing ArmOR Hand Gloves.
  • Machine washable which helps to decrease infectious disease transmission.
  • The Procedure-Palpation style of ArmOR Hand Gloves allows for increase fine motor control.
  • Each glove has an easily visible size marker at the top of the cuff as well as a loop for hanging/easy storage.
  • ArmOR Hand Gloves are water-resistant.

Our Protective Gloves are Machine Washable!

ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves are machine washable and are able to be wiped down to help decrease zoonotic and infectious disease transmission.

Animal Bites are Painful and Expensive

ArmOR Hand is an Investment that All Animal Caregivers Need.


Dog & Cat Bites Annually*


Annual ER Visits Due to Animal Bites*


of US vet professionals tested seropositive for Cat Scratch Disease†


of Animal Bites Have Bacteria or Pathogens*

REFERENCES: * World Health Organization
† Source: Dr. Dwight Bowman, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Midwest Veterinary Conference 2017.

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Our gloves offer Superior dexterity and are made from the strongest of stretch materials.

"The ArmOR Hand Glove is comfortable, form-fitting, and durable." – Dr. Amanda Travis, Veterinarian


Safety is always a concern when handling rescue animals.

"Love the gloves! They saved me from a skunk bite." – Melinda Sanders, Wildlife Rehabilitator


Caring for animals is important and ArmOR Hand Glove makes it easy.

"I used the gloves for a mouth exam on a difficult cat - he was much more calm. I think part of it was that he only had me handling him. His owner was more calm seeing I had the gloves on. She wants a pair!" – Dr. Sally Foote, Veterinarian certified in low-stress animal handling

Owner Loyalty

Using ArmOR Hand Gloves Shows You Care.

By using ArmOR Hand Gloves on their pet, you will increase workplace safety & efficiency, and decrease liability. Using ArmOR Hand Gloves on pets show owners that you care about their pet!

Cost Savings

ER Visits are Costly.

Using The ArmOR Hand Protective Glove® will help reduce extra medial expenses and liability caused by bites or scratches.

is a must have for any veterinarian.allows my cat to remain calm.makes trimming my dogs nails so easy!gives me the courage to know I am protected.


For my feline patients, I use a clean pair of ArmOR Hand Gloves. Because the scent of other cats can cause anxiety in my patients, it is very important to me that I am using a clean pair of gloves, in order to decrease their anxiety. Because the gloves are machine washable, I am able to place baby food directly on the glove. I provide hiding spaces for my patients in the exam room in order to increase their sense of safety. If needed, I can also use Feliway directly on the gloves. I am able to wear the gloves also to trim their nails as well as administer vaccines.

— Dr. Laura Catena

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Be safe. Glove up.|More Feels. Less Force.®

The ArmOR Hand Protective Gloves® are bite resistant, not bite proof.
They can decrease the severity of injury, if injury occurs.