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5 Features of the ArmOR Hand Glove That Will Make a Big Difference for Your Clinic

Published May 18, 2022  |  Author: Dr. Laura Catena  |  Topic(s): , ,

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The ArmOR Hand Glove is a game-changer for anyone who handles animals. What makes it so unique? Here are five reasons why countless professionals have named this glove the best animal handling glove out there.

#1: Superior Puncture Resistance

What’s more important than protection from injury? Nothing! That’s why the ArmOR Hand Glove was put through a rigorous test called the ANSI/ISEA puncture test. This assessment – which is the only one relied upon nationally – rates the puncture resistance of protective equipment on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest puncture resistance achievable. It’s no surprise that ArmOR Hand Gloves earned a 5 on this test! In fact, puncturing these gloves actually required more force than that needed to earn a score of 5. Denise Upton of Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care loves the protection ArmOR Hand Gloves provide and even declares that they are the only animal handling glove she will ever use. “I work with every animal from squirrels to bears and everything in between,” she reports. “ArmOR Hand is a game-changer and the best investment I’ve ever made.” 

The superior puncture resistance of the ArmOR Hand Glove will not only help limit veterinarian injuries, which can average between $1200 – $1300 per visit, but it will also help to improve the mental health of veterinary professionals by giving them peace of mind that they’re protected while handling animals. 

#2: Reinforcement in High-Risk Areas

ArmOR Hand Gloves are the only protective animal handling gloves created by a veterinarian for veterinarians, which means you and your staff can be confident, knowing your protective gloves were created by someone who understands the challenges veterinarians face on a daily basis. Dr. Catena, the creator of ArmOR Hand Gloves, even chose to reinforce her animal handling gloves in the areas of the hand that are statistically at high-risk of injury during veterinary visits. Choose the one-of-a-kind glove that offers both protection and flexibility.

#3: Unique and Flexible Material

The ArmOR Hand Glove is the only animal handling glove you’ll find that is made with high-quality hand-sewn synthetic materials, and is also reinforced with a double layer of knit Dupont Kevlar™. This unique combination of materials allows ArmOR Hand Gloves to provide proper protection without compromising on dexterity or durability. Dr. Amanda Travis of Cole Veterinary Hospital reflects, “these gloves have transformed the way we provide care…they’re comfortable, flexible, and durable.” 

#4: Washable and Long-Lasting 

Unlike your average animal handling glove, ArmOR Hand Gloves can both be easily machine washed or wiped clean. This helps to decrease infectious disease transmission in the veterinary clinic, supporting the One Health Initiative. Moira Fitzgerald, RVT & Moderator of VetTechLife, comments, “As a veterinary technician of 40 years, the only gloves I recommend are the ArmOR Hand Gloves! They are machine washable which is critical for infectious disease control and prevention of contamination between patients.” You’re also keeping patients calm, as they aren’t being introduced to the sometimes stress-inducing smell of the previous patient. That’s just one of the many reasons why ArmOR Hand Gloves have received a fear free product certification.

#5: They’re Extremely Versatile

The ArmOR Hand Glove offer the best of both worlds. They’re durable, yet flexible.They’re protective, yet allow for fine motor control. This makes them useful in all scenarios –  from wildlife to cats and dogs. On top of everything, there are actually two versions of the glove! While The Original Animal Handling Glove has protection on all fingers, The Procedure-Palpation Glove has the first three fingertips exposed for fine motor control for more delicate procedures that require fine motor control. Dr. Amy Pugh of Animal Hospital of Clemmons, comments “My clinic has 2 pairs [of the ArmOR Hand Gloves]. I love the fit so I am able to better manage patients. I also love the Procedure-Palpation style with the fingertips exposed so that I can palpate fearful cats”  Moira Fitzgerald adds, “These gloves] even resist talons of birds of prey! Used them with cats, dogs, hawks, eagles, raccoons, hedgehogs, rabbits, iguanas, tarantulas, large and small psittacine birds.” 

These are just five of the many reasons why ArmOR Hand Gloves are the perfect choice for your practice. Want to learn more? Visit our blog for success stories!


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