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10 Reasons Why ArmOR Hand Gloves Need to Be in Your Veterinary Clinic

Published Apr 22, 2022  |  Author: Dr. Laura Catena  |  Topic(s): , ,

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You’re busy non-stop in the clinic, so why waste any time or energy worrying about the safety of your technicians? That’s where the ArmOR Hand Glove comes in. If you’re wondering why countless professionals rave about these gloves, relying on them every single day for protection, check out the top ten reasons why ArmOR Hand Gloves are perfect for your clinic:

1. They’re Bite Resistant Gloves, Earning the Highest Score for Puncture Resistance

The ArmOR Hand Glove was put through a rigorous puncture resistance test developed by the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The only test relied upon nationally, the ANSI/ISEA puncture test determines the puncture resistance of animal handling gloves on a scale of 0-5, 5 being the most resistant. ArmOR Hand Gloves earned a 5 on this scale. In fact, puncturing these gloves actually required more force than the force needed to earn a score of 5. This means your technicians can rest easy knowing they’re using high-quality and bite-resistant gloves. 

2. They’re the Only Veterinary-Designed and Developed Animal Handling Glove

Pulling from her experience as a veterinarian, Dr. Catena designed a bite and scratch-resistant glove that has the veterinary professional in mind. The glove is reinforced in areas of the hand that are statistically at high-risk of injury during veterinary visits, protecting the hand without limiting dexterity.

3. They’re Extremely Versatile

This unique glove comes in two styles. While The Original Animal Handling Glove has protection on all fingers, The Procedure-Palpation Glove has the first three fingertips exposed for fine motor control. Allowing for maximum dexterity, this glove will help your technicians administer vaccines, trim toenails, clean ears, and perform any task that could be difficult when wearing other gloves. 

4. They Help Decrease Disease Transmission

ArmOR Hand Gloves can easily be machine washed or wiped clean. After hundreds of cycles in the washing machine, no customers have complained about a deterioration in glove quality. This feature is essential for protective equipment, as a product that is easy to clean will help to decrease the risk of spreading disease.

5. They’ve Been Named a Fear Free Preferred Product

The dexterity and durability of ArmOR Hand Gloves not only reduces risk for your technicians, but it also minimizes fear or stress patients might experience at the clinic. That’s why these gloves have been recognized as a Fear Free Preferred Product. They join an exclusive list of products that have been proven to help improve quality of life for both pets and professionals. When you’re using ArmOR Hand Gloves, you’re showing clients you care about their pets. 

6. They’re Environmentally-Friendly and Vegan Animal Handling Gloves

Made of hand-sewn synthetic and vegan materials, ArmOR Hand Gloves use the highest grade materials and are reinforced with a double layer of knit Dupont Kevlar™. Instead of using disposable gloves, reduce your practice’s environmental footprint by relying on these long-lasting gloves.

7. The ArmOR Hand Glove Has Thousands of Reviews from Professionals and Pet Owners

Seasoned professionals and pet owners alike rave about ArmOR Hand Gloves! Dog handlers like Paris Permenter, co-founder of DogTipper, loves the peace of mind these gloves provide. Stacy Mantel, founder of Pets Weekly, shares a similar sentiment, reflecting: “I worry I’m holding animals too tightly or grabbing them too roughly. You don’t have to worry about those things with ArmOR Hand gloves.” America’s Vet, Dr. Marty Becker gives his endorsement on why he chooses ArmOR Hand Gloves for his clinic. 

8. They’re Not Just for Domestic Animals

Not only are technicians opting for ArmOR Hand Gloves when handling their canine and feline patients, but they’re also choosing these bite-resistant gloves when dealing with exotic animals. Among the many professionals who choose ArmOR Hand Gloves is wildlife rescuer Ben Nuckolls, who even named these gloves the official working glove for staff wildlife handlers. They’re the animal handling glove of choice for professionals at Animal Planet, zoos across the country, wildlife rescues, veterinary universities. 

9. Bite-Resistant Gloves Reduce Risk of Liability and Help Save Money

You’ve got enough to think about – why worry about expenses and liability that could result from an at-work injury? Painful injuries like Dr. Laura Catena’s can add a heavy financial weight to any clinic. With an average of 400,000 emergency room visits each year attributed to animal bites, it’s clear something needs to change. That’s why Dr. Catena created ArmOR Hand Gloves.

10. When You Purchase a Pair of ArmOR Hand Gloves, You’ll Be Supporting Those In Need

In addition to helping to prioritize the health of veterinary professionals, ArmOR helps the veterinary community by donating a minimum of 30 pairs of gloves each year to rescue organizations around the globe. Dr. Catena also regularly donates to a variety of humane animal welfare organizations, including The Paw Project.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your ArmOR Hand Gloves today.


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