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Peregrine Falcon Rescue – California Wildlife Encounters

“Birthday rescue! Could not think of a better way to spend my birthday than by rescuing a peregrine falcon. I rarely encounter these fast flying feathered missiles of the sky. They have been recorded flying at over 200 miles per hour. Today I received a report from Tri County Wildlife Care that a fisherman spotted a struggling peregrine falcon in the water. The falcon was seen unable to use one of its wings and was in distress. The falcon was in a remote part of the bypass that’s behind locked gates and is walk-in only. Once we secured the peregrine using our ArmOR Hand Gloves, we drove it to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue. Unfortunately, the falcon is suffering from a compound wing fracture and it will be a long shot if it’s survivable. The only blessing is that it is not still out there alone and suffering. Thank you all for caring about our local wildlife and making my birthday extra special.”

– Ben Nuckolls, California Wildlife Encounters