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Decrease the chances for infection, liability, lost time due to injuries, and healthcare costs.


Increase safety & efficiency by removing the fear of scratches & bites while showing each owner that you care for their pets by protecting them and keep them safe too.

Low-Stress Handling

The superior flexibility and dexterity that our gloves offer, provide the animal handler the sensitivity necessary to help their animal remain calm and under control.

Cost Savings

Using The ArmOR Hand Protective Glove™ will help reduce extra medial expenses and liability caused by bites or scratches.

Owner Loyalty

By using ArmOR Hand Gloves on their pet, you will increase workplace safety & efficiency, and decrease liability. Using ArmOR Hand Gloves on pets show owners that You Care about their pet!


Professionals and Pet Owners alike use our gloves and have a lot to say. Calming. Protected. Ease-of-use. Comfortable. Washable. Flexible. Durable.


General Curator, Brandywine Zoo

“We ordered some of your excellent animal handling gloves a while ago and we would like to order more. We have used the gloves with a variety of species in different situations and we are very pleased with the product.” 

Dr. Melanie Goble

Veterinarian, Renewed Strength Veterinary Services

"This past week, an assistant and I were working with a very fractious cat. I gave a set of gloves to my assistant so she could restrain the cat safely. The cat grabbed her hand and thrashed around (while still holding on to her hand with its mouth). There are perfect teeth marks all over the glove, but not a scratch on her. This is the type of bite that would have resulted in a prolonged recovery time. Crisis averted! Thank you!"

Dr. Sally Foote

Veterinarian certified in low-stress animal handling

"I used the gloves for a typically difficult cat for a mouth exam alone - he was SO MUCH MORE CALM! I think part of it was that he only had me handling him. His owner was also much more relaxed seeing I had the gloves on. She wants a pair!"

Patricia P.

Pet Owner

"I was at my vet's office the other day and she used your ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves with my very unsociable cat. I read about the gloves on Facebook and saw that everyone raved about them. So does my veterinarian and her technician. My hands thank you."


ArmOR Hand gloves easily pay for themselves simply by protecting you. Unlike other gloves, ArmOR Hand Glove applies the concept of 'Less is More' which allows for low-stress handling of cats and other animals.


Dog & Cat Bites Annually*


Annual ER Visits Due to Animal Bites*


of US vet professionals tested seropositive for Cat Scratch Disease†


of Animal Bites Have Bacteria or Pathogens*

REFERENCES: * World Health Organization
† Source: Dr. Dwight Bowman, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Midwest Veterinary Conference 2017.

The ArmOR Hand Protective Glove Logo

If you are a pet owner, groomer, wildlife rehabber, or any other animal handler, you can order the The Original Animal Handling Glove as well as the Procedure-Palpation here. This includes US sales, Canadian, oversea, & International sales.

This includes ALL Veterinarian sales outside of the US.

If you are a Veterinarian in the US, you can order the Original Animal Handling Glove (full-finger coverage) through one of our distributors.

Veterinarians in the U.S., order here.

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